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Information security plays an extremely vital role in our technically driven business environment. We have implemented policies and procedures to meet the most stringent security guidelines required by our clients to safeguard their data within our facility.

Alarm Detection Systems monitor RSVP Direct’s security system 24 hours per day. The system has battery backup systems to ensure continuous coverage in the event of a power outage.
All exterior doors are locked and electronically monitored.
All interior doors are locked and electronically monitored.
Access to Front Offices, Data Processing, and Main Server room is by card access only.
Production rooms and warehouse are equipped with Audio Sensors.
Front offices are equipped with Audio and Glass Break sensors.
Data processing, Laser room, Production floor, warehouse, and shipping and receiving are all under 24-hour surveillance cameras with color video recording.
Customers and guests are limited to specific areas within RSVP Direct's facility.
Access to our Data Processing, Production area or warehouse is prohibited unless accompanied by authorized personnel.


Data files are saved and converted on our Information Server.
Access from the Internet or our Network is prohibited.
Access to all data files is limited to key personnel.
All files are deleted from the system after completion of the project.